How does PPM work?2018-01-20T15:24:29+00:00

POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management is typically utilized in three ways within client organizations:

  • A set of supervisory/management training tools that support existing performance management processes
  • A performance management policy and process that turns your good intentions about managing people and performance into action
  • A complete performance management process that is integrated with a supporting technology tool

PPM works because it gives supervisors and managers the tools they need to:

  • Set and communicate clear expectations
  • Provide recognition, coaching, and feedback to foster good performance
  • Address performance that does not meet expectations in a nonpunitive and defensible manner that promotes individual responsibility
How does PPM differ from traditional approaches to leading people and managing their performance?2018-01-20T15:24:13+00:00

The components are the same, but the philosophy and approach are radically different.

Like traditional approaches, POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management communicates expectations, provides recognition, holds people accountable, and ensures defensibility when formal action or discharge is required. It does so, however, based upon an entirely different process and rationale.

Traditional performance management seeks compliance, command, and control by way of rules, regulations, and “carrot and stick” incentives. POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management works toward positive results and relationships through a collaborative process emphasizing continuous development and personal responsibility.

What kind of results have organizations seen from using PPM?2018-01-20T15:23:56+00:00

Texas A&M University, Sprint, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Nordia, and Alabama Power Company are just some of the PPM users that have reported positive results, including improved retention, stronger relationships between managers and employees, and improved customer service.

For information on individual results.

Why should I adopt PPM?2018-01-20T15:23:24+00:00

Organizations that adopt PPM have often discovered that they were not consistently developing people to succeed in the future, promoting strong relationships, or addressing performance problems effectively. This includes managers that concentrate on the few people who perform poorly; do not encourage or provide the tools for those who do a good job each day; and are ineffective when addressing performance problems. Also, the rate of change in virtually every industry requires organizations to continually develop new skills and capabilities for the future. POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management is a helpful tool in meeting the challenges ahead.

Do you guarantee results?2018-01-20T15:23:09+00:00

We guarantee that your POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management training or system will be based on proven principles; meet all applicable legal standards; and utilize recognized adult learning techniques. We also promise to conduct ourselves to the highest professional standards; and that we will complete the agreed upon project to your satisfaction.

What role does Pennington Performance Group play in PPM?2018-01-20T15:22:52+00:00

We begin with a discussion about your goals. From there, we will work with you to determine your best options for implementing the POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management philosophy and approach. We are equipped to guide you through the entire process or train you to implement the PPM approach on your own.

We know that every organization is completely unique. Our job is to find the best way to help you rather than make you conform to our pre-set process.

What is PPM?

POSITIVE PERFORMANCE ® Management (PPM) Overview

POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management (PPM) is a performance development and management process that helps you
– Deliver results
– Build and sustain strong working relationships
– Promote personal accountability

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