Process Design & Implementation

Let’s face it, most performance management processes don’t work and the reason why often comes down to a combination of the following:

  • The organization believes that they key to effective performance management is a new appraisal form or software program.
  • The organization confuses education on how to complete the appraisal forms or utilize the new software program with teaching managers and employees how to operate in an effective performance management process.
  • Daily performance management activities such as recognition, coaching, and corrective action are not integrated into the performance management process and philosophy. In fact, they are often completely ignored.
  • There is very little, or no, linkage between the performance management process and the organization’s values, vision, and strategic goals.

Implementing a POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management process helps you overcome the pitfalls and create an integrated approach to developing people and performance that:

  • Links the performance management process to your organizations values, vision, and strategic goals.
  • Focuses manager and employee attention on making and keeping agreements rather than completing a form.
  • Creates consistency and sustainability in your performance process by building commitment to the underlying goals and philosophy rather than compliance with the dates on which forms must be completed.
  • Proactively addresses the benefits of daily performance management activities such as coaching, recognition, and corrective action; and provides a systemic solution for linking those to performance reviews.
  • Allows you to separate the choice of a software provider from a decision about your philosophy and approach to performance management.


Design & Implementation Components

Design & Implementation Components

Here’s how we work with you to succeed:

Your organization has unique challenges, history, and goals.

Implementing POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management begins with a discussion about your current policies, practices, environment, and objectives.

Pennington Performance Group will work with you to design a complete POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management system or implement a specific portion of the process to complement your existing efforts.

We provide comprehensive installation and training materials based on over 20 years of experience. These materials include sample policies and guidelines; ideas for communicating your new process to your staff; and measurement strategies that prove your Return On Investment.

The first step is usually a customized PPM Overview presentation to key stakeholders. That is followed by assembling a Design Team to work on the details and present your recommendation for approval.

Along the way, we’ll help you:

  • build support among decision makers and stakeholders,
  • involve representatives from throughout the organization to design the new approach,
  • develop measurement and evaluation tools to confirm success,
  • provide education and skill building for managers, team leaders, and employees, and
  • manage the process to ensure ongoing success.

How about technology?

We are performance development experts not a software company. Unlike virtually all of the performance management providers in the marketplace today, we are not trying to sell you our software.

It’s not that we don’t understand and appreciate the power of a well-designed performance management software system that integrates with your HRIS platform. We do, and we have found that our philosophy and approach can be implemented with all of them. In fact, we have customized our education materials to incorporate specific software requirement so that your entire performance management roll out is seamless to your staff.

If you don’t utilize performance management software now, or you are looking to change vendors, we will help you identify solutions that support the POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management philosophy and approach. “Geeks who get it” are out there, and we’re happy to help you find them.

Here is one more thing that makes us different:

There are many companies who see the need for an effective performance management process and don’t yet want to invest in the software-driven products. We can help you develop paper-based solutions for today that will allow you to transition to a performance management software product in the future.

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