What is PPM


  • POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management (PPM) is a performance development and management process that helps you
  • Deliver results
  • Build and sustain strong working relationships
  • Promote personal accountability

The POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management Process

PPM is built on four straightforward beliefs:


Everyone is responsible for performing their jobs in a way that helps the organization achieve results.


Most people want to do a good job and will do so if given the opportunity and ability.


The supervisor’s job is to build partnerships and create the environment for employees to succeed as individuals and as a group.


Treating individuals as responsible partners in the success of your organization means that you earn the right to expect them to act as responsible partners.

POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management is right for your organization if you need to:

  • Align individual and team goals with the organization’s strategic business goals
  • Produce long-term, voluntary change in performance across your enterprise
  • Promote an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, and a high degree of trust
  • Build and sustain a work environment that attracts quality talent who appreciate the opportunity to succeed
  • Take ownership for performance that meets and exceeds customer expectations

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